High Silk Society

The Silk Lined Shower Cap


After a bouncy blow out, or hairstyling for an event, hairdressers will tell you to sleep on silk, to keep your hair glossy, nourished and maintain your curls or style. Take this further and keep your style immaculate 24/7 by fighting the frizz and steam of your showers, and protect your hair from breakage with this exquisite shower cap.

Australian made, lined with 100% pure 22 momme mulberry silk. Finished with pure velvet and an elegant matte, waterproof outer.

Melt into an evening of peaceful luxury, pair your silk cap with the divine crystal infused bath and body oil by Nina Bailey. Enriched with organic apricot and camelia oil, enjoy silky, supple skin while breathing in the skilfully curated blissful aroma of rose geranium, lavender, cold pressed orange, roman chamomile and sandalwood.

Handmade in Perth, Western Australia.
Paraben, sulfate, dimethicone, phthalates and mineral oil free. Pure essential oils. Not tested on animals. Vegan.


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